After helping birth dozens of books over the past eighteen years, it became clear that writers, new and established alike, blossom with the right coaching.

Oftentimes, a fresh eye can bring much-needed perspective to a book project, providing a more sharply defined focus on the target market, or advice on character and plot development. The right coaching can mean the difference between a stalled project and a manuscript that takes flight.

If you know someone who has a glimmer of an idea for a book, but isn’t sure how to start, or who has started, but has gotten stuck, point them in our direction! We’re all about getting book ideas off the ground.

Ms. Rindoks is a joy to work with. As a writer, she creates a comfortable space to share ideas. The summer workshop I had with her was an unforgettable experience. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped equip me for an adult life of writing. She is the consummate teacher. Anyone who gets the opportunity to work with her should take it, ASAP!

—Amelia Wyatt

Leslie Rindoks is a dream-maker. Thanks to her “boot-camp” approach to coaching and editing I ended up with a book of which I am extraordinarily proud. She challenged me to push beyond comfortable, safe story lines and characters by employing a variety of techniques and tough, honest feedback. Her patient, firm, persistent efforts yielded amazing results. Her careful attention to design and detail resulted in a stunningly beautiful and eye-catching book. I highly recommend Leslie’s  coaching, editing, design, and packaging services.

—Dana Kumerow, author of The Storyteller’s Apprentice


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