The Process

It took a fair amount of foot work and some intense sleuthing to complete the centennial history for the Mecklenburg County Bar. First, we did a walking tour of Charlotte, shooting old courthouses and other important buildings.

One of our photographers captured the dashing Captain Jack soon after the sculpture had been installed, but before the area had been landscaped. We left this shoot with muddy feet, but it was worth it.

Before going to press, we searched literally the globe for the copyright holder of the only extant photograph of Ella May Wiggins (the victim of mill strike violence in Gastonia, NC). Our search ended in Australia.

We located another copyright holder for this photo of a WWII pilot in Scotland.


It is a pleasure to work on Leslie’s books. They’re always so special and beautifully crafted and designed.

—Rene Nedelkoff, printing representative

Book Packaging

Creating beautiful, meaningful books requires myriad talents. At Better Books we have woven together a network of highly qualified writers, editors, designers, illustrators, photographers, proofreaders, and publicists. In addition, we have decades of experience sourcing printing, from Kansas to Hong Kong.

We have become experts at producing all manner of books, from beautifully illustrated books for children to elaborately designed books on niche topics; from traditional books to the unusual; one of a kind, or ten thousand.

We excel at working on projects that involve multiple authors, as well as books that incorporate a wide range of material. We leave no stone unturned in our search for archival documents and old maps, we repair damaged photographs, and obtain oral histories in our quest to produce award-winning coffee-table books, biographies, and regional and institutional histories.

Teaming Up

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