The Process

Editing can sometimes take months and even after several passes, the proofreader may find additional discrepancies and inconsistencies, proving that it takes a dedicated team to produce a top quality book.

The theme of "collecting" played out on the cover of the book, a collection of essays, with a combination of patterns put together in a quilt-like pattern.

Four of those patterns were featured on inside spreads to highlight the author's favorite quotes and to mark areas where readers were encouraged to write their thoughts on pages throughout the book.

The patterns continue on the back cover along with four blurbs from other writers and a photo of the author.

Everyone Needs a Little Editing Magic

When a client emailed her manuscript last spring, she included this message: “Now I need your magic wand to move to a higher level.”

What this writer meant was, “I need your patience; I need your belief that there is something worthwhile hidden in the word document attached to this email.”

Editing can be like excavation; veins of purpose, and intent might be buried, waiting to be mined. Once the underlying meaning is brought to the surface and properly identified, the real polishing begins. Good editing can transform a collection of words into a dazzling message.

In this writer’s case, she had written five dozen essays over the course of several decades. Editing involved shoring up inconsistencies, eliminating repetitions, and finding proof to support unsubstantiated facts. This meant that parts of her manuscript hit the cutting room floor. (There were unhappy emails. The editor's name may have been taken in vain.) Now, however, when this author speaks to groups and promotes her book, she is confident that everything in her book can withstand scrutiny. Even better, she is not at risk of being sued for libel or slander.

Though it may seem like magic, editing is painstaking and tedious work. If an edited piece of work looks like a beautiful white rabbit hopping out of a black hat of a manuscript, then the hard work was successful.

Want to Know More?

For more information on editing, provide a short synopsis of your manuscript and send a sample of your writing. (5 pages max) Editing fees range from $4 per page to $7.50 per page.